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We provide our clients with the expertise they need to succeed


Our firm offers its clients a unique breadth and depth of practical experience which is brought to bear in a comprehensive manner; combining sophisticated strategic thought with deep practical experience to provide our clients with real-time, hands-on assistance as they face uncertainty, complexity and adversity. We bring our clients the objectivity and advocacy that is usually the defining difference in outcome in multi-faceted negotiations of difficult situations. This is NWRA’s hallmark – we execute for and with our clients, translating creative ideas into exceptional results.

Our team thrives on its world-class advice and execution capabilities. Our team has consistently delivered for clients by successfully creating, protecting, and capitalizing the value of their real estate, mortgage portfolios and assets. Our direct experience as principals as well as our well-recognized role as world-class advisors distinguishes NWRA from our peers. Our clients select us because we have the capabilities to deliver tangible results, not just recommendations.

To provide our clients with personalized, best-in-class advice and execution, enabling
them to create, captialize and protect their real estate assets.

To be the employer of choice for exceptional professionals in real estate advisory,
providing rewarding opportunities for professional growth.



Professional Realtors of New York

Professional Realtors Of New York Real Estate

Our clients rely upon our proven expertise in every facet of the real estate lifecycle. Our approach is always to deliver our services through a single point of contact at a consistently high standard. Our experienced team of professionals has worked through previous real estate cycles and we incorporate that knowledge into our multi-faceted approach. Our proven approach uses a well-honed methodology to deliver a strategy and execution that meets our client’s objectives.


  •  Act with integrity!
  •  Provide our clients with an unparalleled breadth and depth of services
  •  Develop our exceptional team with unique expertise and dedication to our clients
  •  Create significant value for our clients, and as a result, our stakeholders
  •  Contribute meaningfully to our communities.